Valor really enjoys personalizing and customizing classic and performance cars.  From engine modifications that bring you the horsepower you need, to performance upgrades to your gearbox that make you hold your clutch, to sound systems with today's technology that really sounds great, to high performance suspensions that make your car track with precision, Valor is there for you.

You dream it up, and we'll do the research, find the best solution for your desired outcome, and perform the integration for you.  Like restoration projects, we prefer our clients be involved in the process...right down to ordering the parts if they want and giving specific direction on how they want the application to unfold.


The options are pretty much limitless, but at the discretion of management Valor reserves the right to reject any project it deems unsafe or undoable or that might hurt the structural integrity of the vehicle.


We like to think about these three questions when we engage a client in a Restomod project:

  • Do we (Valor) know what you want us to do?
  • Do we have the capabilities to do this work?
  • Do we have the willingness to do this work?

If the answer to any of these three questions is, "NO", then we're better off referring you to another shop or urging you not to do it at all.  When that happens, we also like to deliver a customer some reasonable alternatives to their dream Restomod idea.


Like a Restoration Project, or as part of one, a full Restomod Project we first estimate the project, and provide you with a written contract  We follow the same project planning, rules of engagement, and keeping clients engaged program as our Restoration Projects.  As such, once the contract is executed, we require a 20% deposit for the overall project cost.  Then, we ask for the additional 20% just before the vehicle goes to paint.  The next 20% is paid just before the mechanical work starts.  The next 20% payment is made just before the upholstery work begins.  The final 20% and any additional project increases is paid upon delivery of the finished product.

But, for more simple, one-off, Restomod Projects we simply estimate the project and charge 100% of parts and 50% labor up-front, and the other 50% of labor upon completion.  Pretty simple.