Stage One

These new builds are made to factory specifications as it was intended to be when the pony was first born.  Still registered as a new car, these are intended to be exact replicas to what was born in Dearborn, MI.  What you'll see is a Mustang that has the correct engine to the era the car came from, and it will have stock colors on the outside and inside.  In some cases, even single stage paint with orange peel will be ordered by a client, and in other cases you may desire to have body and mechanical markings to mimic the factory markings where your favorite Mustang was born.  The choice is yours, these classics are built to stock, factory specs and to whatever extreme you want in terms of specificity.

Stage Two

These are new builds that are customized to customer specifications in either our 500HP or 800HP packages, all of which include upgraded wiring systems, fuel injection, six speed automatic or manual transmissions, rack and pinion front suspension, four link rear suspension, four wheel disc brakes, world-class safety features, sound deadening systems, and all the custom features you'd expect in a new car like A/C, power windows, power steering, Bluetooth stereo system, remote entry and trunk release and on, and on.

Stage Three 

It is Valor's objective to build new Mustangs that as closely as possible resemble the Shelby products under Carroll Shelby licensing and that would be accepted in the Shelby registry.  While this is not a reality at the moment, our intentions are to be a part of the movement associated with the most exciting breed of Mustang, or muscle car for that matter, of all time:  Shelby GT/CS, GT-350 and GT500 series replica new builds.

Financing New Builds

Valor will help you find outside financing or will refer you to our preferred provider, however, we are open to your own financing desires.  Valor is a little different from other builders in that we don't require you to give us access to all of your funds.  Rather, we prefer you put down your deposit so we can start the project, and then we'd rather escrow the funds and only take progress payments as we progress.  What's also really cool is that you can access our secured site and actually see your car as it's being built.   All we ask is for you to follow our structured payment plan below:

  1. Sign Build Contract
  2. Make 25% Deposit
  3. Make progress payment (25%) once car is out of paint
  4. Make progress payment (25%) once mechanical system is installed
  5. Make final payment (25%) at delivery to customer*  

*FOB is always at our HQ office in Canyon Lake, TX, centrally located between Austin and San Antonio)




The warranty on the components used to build the cars transfers entirely to the new owner, so the manufacturer warranty on those components is one level of protection.  In addition, Valor warrants the drive train for one year regardless of mileage, and body and paint, as well as other components for three years, regardless of mileage.  While some exclusions do apply (such as salt corrosion, extreme environmental elements and airborne contaminants), when used as proscribed and designed by Valor our vehicles are covered for one year (powertrain) and three years (body and other parts) and can be serviced at any Ford dealer or select shops where supported by Valor.

For more information about Valor Warranty details, call 830-865-1200 or CONTACT US here.

How to Buy New Builds

The process is simple:  first, contact Valor and establish a contract for a new build.  Then, simply specify which Stage of build you want, and select all of your potential options, place your deposit (25% of total) and your build will begin.    Below we have included an order form in PDF which spells out base costs for each Stage, as well as the costs for options.