Jeff Logsdon founded the business, essentially, by accident.  Having sold his technology company in 2013, and having too many collector cars for his home garage to hold, he sought out a place to put his collection of Mustangs and Porsches for maintenance and, in some cases, restoration.  When he identified that there was tremendous demand for high quality, integrity oriented restorers in the area, and an unquenchable demand for sentimental restorations out there, he had to start to say, "yes".  Yes to these HUGE, wildly complex projects, yes to making that family dream come true, and yes to what others in the business run from...massive mechanical and cosmetic restorations.


The Valor Performance team is led by a team of professionals with as varied a background as you could imagine.  With business experience and, more specifically, project management and quality control backgrounds, this group of leaders has the experience and determination to tackle just about any project and deliver it on-time, and within scope and budget.   As we build our team out, we make sure to bring in members who understand "yes", and have a passion for finding the "how" that's necessary to differentiate us as a team.


In addition to the overall capability to manage projects, the team has over eighty years of combined experience in mechanical, cosmetic, and and custom restorations.  Experience with converting old systems to new technology is something we enjoy and take a tremendous amount of pride in doing.  We have expert body technicians, a world class painter, and mechanical expertise ranging from European exotics, to pure American muscle.  We also tackle soft systems like interiors, are great at wiring systems, and can make a fuel system work like it should.


Our goals are not to be the biggest, but certainly for having a reputation as being the best.  We are all perfectionists, and while perfection is the enemy of the good, we always collectively seek both.  We want you to enjoy your experience with us, and we want you to hold us in high respect and an important part of our community.